What strategies need to be followed for the hotels/travel industry to survive in covid-19? / How the hotels-travel industry can survive in covid-19?

Upon this all concerns we are trying to give the maximum relief and solutions to our hoteliers working with us. Below are the solutions for dealing with a difficult situation to survive in covid-19 and can complete/focus on the below tasks until the situation is recovered.

 Correct Your Hotel’s “Google My Business” for Customers

If you are working with special hours or are taking special care to avoid the spread of COVID-19, let your customers know what has changed. Update your hours and business description, share Google Posts with updates and offers, and make sure your contact information and Google maps are correct in case people want to reach you.

Brand Photoshoot and Video

Right Photoshoot is always a good source of business which gives the actual image of our product on social/online platforms. If you can do so, now can be a very good time to do the project that has been put off year after year, perhaps because you always felt it would interrupt business or customers. Because businesses are likely slowed for videographers and photographers, you can probably get a good price, but you also will be helping them at a time when they may need the work.

Update Your Website

Websites are the core part of your hotel which sum up all the detailed information about your hotel in terms of direction, contact number, SEO management, and work to define any specification of your hotel. Like photography and videos, take this time to update and/or fix your website. Or maybe you need a new site altogether.

Think about an Overstep Strategy

Avoid crisis-related promotions. That creates the wrong impression for your hotel. What you can do is get creative and think of how you can offer reassurance, social connection, or tangible assistance during COVID-19. Consider:

●        SEO and online marketing—solid avenues to build connections and trust with people.

●        Hosting an online video space once a week for people to check-in and have a light discussion.

Build up Your Online Reviews Strategy

If you do not yet have a plan or policy for responding to online reviews, now is the time to compile one. The web is filled with online reviews that companies have not responded to. You do not have to go back and answer each one, but this is a good time to make sure your more recent reviews have a thoughtful response. Create a reviews policy and, if you have a good candidate, train an employee now to manage your online reviews going forward. Write a few template responses and go over your brand messaging with them. Coach them on how to respond to negative reviews and when to escalate legitimate customer-service issues to the right person. Provide to them the tools they need to monitor reviews and get alerts. Show them what you expect as far as measuring the value of reviews and monthly reporting.

Estimate and Intensify Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has the advantage of being faster, less expensive, and more effective than traditional marketing. An email or social media campaign can connect a marketing message to a targeted subset of consumers for a fraction of the cost of a TV ad or print campaign, immediately. Become hyper-segmented with your targets. Think outside the box.